Borrowing books from Repository Library in Kuopio

You can order books from Repository Library in Kuopio. The loan costs 5 € / book.

You can only order books that are available.

It is not possible to request journals or articles (you can do that through interlibrary loans).

How to order books from National Repository Library:

  • Look up the book you want to borrow
  • Select Repository Library, and open the book's information.
  • Check that the book is available.
  • Log in either with your basic user account if you have added your library card to it or with your library card.
  • Press Subscribe Repository Library book Kuopio button.
  • On the form choose the book you want, the library where you want the book sent to (=Tampere university library) and the pick up location e.g. Linna.
  • Finally, press Place order.
The book's status changes to pickup request made.

You can view your order on the My Account> Reservations and Orders tab. You may cancel your order by ticking and clicking the Cancel selected orders.
Lastly, remember to Log out from your customer information!

Books borrowed from Repository Library can renewed by you max. 10 times.