Tamcat is available only till end of Feb. Start using TuniLib.

Information about Tamcat


In the new user interface you can do searches in the printed and electronic collections of the Library, reserve books and renew your loans.

The service is being developed continually.

Service contains the following resources:

  • The printed and electronic books and journals of the Library as well as the databases acquired by the library
  • The theses, dissertations and other publications saved in TamPub
  • Data of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive
  • Books and journals in the National Repository Library's collections

Finnish articles

You can search Finnish articles (not medical ones)

National Repository Library

You can search the collections of National Repository library in Kuopio and order books from there.

How to search for international journal articles

For more extensive searches, use Andor

International journal articles etc. can also be searched for via multidisciplinary Primo Central - reference database. It contains dozens of reference databases from various fields of study. If the article is available as full text, there is an Available online link.

The individual databases can be found by database name. In more exact information seeking it is advisable to use the database's own search interfaces.

For remote access remember to log in with your basic user account.